2/16/16 Two things on my mind

1) Day without an Immigrant

Today, there was a scheduled protest called ‘Day without an Immigrant’. Supposedly hundreds of thousands of immigrants called in or no showed at their jobs to help bring awareness to how much they do for our country.

I believe that a majority of American’s will say without a doubt that immigrants play a huge part in our society.  Immigrants are who helped build this country and are the foundation to what this country is today.

I also believe though that American’s are tired of immigrants coming here illegally. We are a land of laws or so one would be led to believe. But when you come into a country illegally and only get a slap on the wrist and are allowed to stay on the tax payer dime, it’s a slap in the face to those of us who follow the laws.

To say that you are going to call into work or no show for your job just so you can participate in this protest is asinine. Honestly, if i was your supervisor and you told me you weren’t coming in so you could protest this crap, i’d do everything in my power to make sure you wouldn’t have to come in the next day either because you’d be fired.

The question that I’ve heard today is how can I be against immigrants when I am Mexican American?  Why should I be profiled against because certain people can’t follow the law and come here legally? Remember, one bad apple ruins the bunch.  I also find it funny and sad at the same time that these same people associate only my Mexican ethnicity with immigrants, when actually i’m also German and Irish… two of the greatest immigrant groups to come to the US.  Immigrants are not only those who cross our southern boarder.

So am I against  immigrants coming over here?  No, just as long as they go through the proper channels.

2) Facebook

Facebook has gone to shit.  Remember back in the beginning of Facebook when it was all about playing games with friends and connecting with family across the nation?  Now it’s nothing but political lies,people killing themselves or hurting others on Facebook Live, adding a “friend” just so you can unfollow them and not talk to them anyways. Of course those stupid “one like = one prayer” bullshit that people somehow fall for.

Facebook has turned people into zombies.  Like literally, they can’t think for themselves. Often i hear “oh i read it on Facebook” as if Facebook was a legitimate news source. In the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users. Wow, 1.86 billion zombies.

I guess you can say that I’m being a hypocrite since I use Facebook. Hell, I agree with you. But i think that it seriously time that I logoff. I have done it for a day or two and always came back but I think i need to enjoy life more and not worry what John Doe is posting.


Do it the right way

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is a 35 year old women from Mexico who came here illegally when she was 16. She was just deported back to Mexico even though she now has two American born children. She stole someone’s SS # and was arrested for it, but not deported. Now, people are saying that what is going on is racist. Racist is one of those words that is so overly used that it has lost it’s meaning. Someone stated that she “was working with her attorney to get things cleared up”. Yeah, well if I get an attorney after I rob a bank, it doesn’t change the fact that I robbed the bank or lesson the severity of the crime i committed. Do I feel bad for her? No. Do I feel bad for her children? Of course, but they have no one to blame but their mother for not following the rules in the first place.

Chicago Cubs

The last time I wrote on here was back in Sept. Where the hell did the time go?  Actually i haven’t posted anything on here for one simple reason, my job.  Being that I now work for the government, I have to be smart with what i write.  For those that have followed my post for awhile, you know that I tend to write about things that a few people may find politically incorrect. Unfortunately we live in a world where people get butt-hurt over the littlest of things. Later today i will be doing a video blog about tattoos, specifically mine. I will also speak about the Bradley Lopez name and why I used it instead of my real name. I’ve included some shirts that i made for each round of the playoffs and a few pics of my family.  

So in the tradition of Things On My Mind, here is number 1….a little late of course.

1.  For life long Cubs fan Nov. 2nd will go down as the day the world stood still. People young and old cried as soon as Rizzo caught the ball from Bryant. The thing about the Cubs is that the term Lovable Losers was common place year after year. You knew the Cubs weren’t going to win it all but that didn’t stop millions of fans from visiting Wrigley for a game or watching in front of the television with their dad or grandfather.

2015 was different though. Although they were swept by the Mets in the NLCS, as Cubs fan, you knew we had a special team.  What if the saying “Next Year” really meant next year?  It’s weird as a Cubs fan to read the preseason World Series predictions and see the Cubs in the top spot. A couple of new additions to the team and now World Series contenders.  Besides a few hiccups throughout the 2016 season , the Cubs were the championship caliber team that we expected them to be.

Back in 2003 during the 8th inning of game 6 of the Cubs NLDS game vs the Marlins, I stood in line waiting for just 5 outs knowing I’d be the first in line to buy a NLDS championship shirt.  What happened instead was one of the worst innings any Cubs fan has had to live through. I, along with hundreds of thousands of Cubs fans stood there screaming at the top of our lungs at a guy with headphones instead of directing that anger towards a Cubs team that gave it all away.

Fast forward to game 7, 8th inning of the 2016 World Series. Cubs up by three..then by two…then tied. Jesus Christ not again. My brother in law yelled at me because i went to use the restroom and sat in a different spot then I had the entire game and that’s what caused them to lose the lead.  Don’t mind the fact that Chapman was overused, but hey superstitions are OK too!  So we sat there for the rest of the 8th and 9th innings praying to the baseball gods that Cleveland wouldn’t score another run, and thank god they didn’t.

For the Blackhawks, the number 17 was a lucky number,as in 2 goals in 17 seconds to win the Stanley Cup.  Well, as luck would have it, number 17 showed it’s face again. This time however, 17 minutes not seconds,the time it took for a rain delay. As a Cubs fan, I saw this delay as a way to re-energize the team. The Cubs took the field and with a man on first and second, Zorbrist hit a double.  The Cubs would later score another run, giving them a 2 run lead.  This is it! This is our time! Finally! Of course Cleveland wasn’t going to go out without a fight and managed to score another run.  With 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th, in game 7 of the World Series, millions of Cubs fans held their breath…


I forgot to include this in my original post, but I went to Dicks Sports to buy some WS gear and wouldn’t you know it, my price came out to 108.00.   Thought this was awesome being that it was 108 years since they won.  The people around me were like dude you need to save that receipt. lol 

9/16/16 Things on my mind

Let’s take it back to the origins of Things on My Mind if I may.

  1. So here are a few things God has let happen in the past month or so.
    • In New Mexico, Michelle Martens purposely gave her 10 year old daughter meth so Michelle’s boyfriend and his friend could  sexually assault/rape the girl. One of the guys strangled and stabbed her during the attack, resulting in her death. If that wasn’t bad enough, one guy had sex with the girl after she was already dead.  They then proceeded to cut up her body.  Now to add to the fuckery of this entire thing, Michelle admitted that this was not the first time she let men do this and that she invited guys over to do it to her daughter, as it was a form of sexual gratification for her.
    • A New Jersey man beat his girlfriend’s 2 year old toddler, telling the boy to “put up his hands” to fight while the couple argued over groceries. The guy was pissed about the type of groceries the lady bought and the boy stepped in to protect his mom.  The guy hit the kid twice in the torso.  Mind you this little kid is 40lbs.  The boy’s head struck the wall and the man hit him again, killing him.
    • I think we’ve all seen the picture of the two adults who overdosed on heroin in the car while a toddler is in the back seat.  Although the two adults were not dead, this kid will have that image sketched in his brain for years.
  2. We have some neighbors that have the cops called on them for what seems like every other week. The boyfriend, who is not on the lease, is abusive and the landlord knows this but hasn’t done a thing about it.  He was arrested again 2 weeks ago for domestic violence and our wonderful court system dropped the charges.  Now if this girl wants to continue letting him beat her ass, that’s on her. I understand the whole love is blind and its hard to leave an abuser thing.  But when you have a baby (not even a year old yet) living there when this shit goes on, you’d think it might be time to move the fuck on.  I have a feeling that one of three things are going to happen.
    • She is going to finally get smart and leave him.
    • He is going to finally snap and kill her.
    • He is going to finally snap and kill her, the baby and himself.
  3. I find it funny that the same people who bitch about Trump using Eminent Domain for his buildings are the same ones who can’t see the problem with the Dakota Pipeline.  Standing Rock Sioux native american’s have every right to complain and protest this pipeline. Originally the pipeline was supposed to have crossed the Missouri River near Bismarck, but was moved in fear that an oil spill would contaminate the capitals drinking water. Well, the same principle applies here.  If there is an oil spill, it will contaminate not only the water but the farming land and the sacred burial grounds of the Sioux people. I think that out of all the people in the US who bitch over inequality and oppression, Native Americans are the least aggressive and have a right to fight this. I mean damn, they were here first.  Do you also notice how they are not looting their neighborhoods or killing/hurting the workers. 100% peaceful protesting.
  4.  Working at the airport today I got to witness my first Honor Flight, and it was amazing. You had a generation of people who did not need a safe room because they are not a bunch of bitches. I laugh at teens or young adults who bitch about how bad the US is and how oppressed certain races are.  Then, they are the first ones who think we should allow certain refugees in here who don’t agree with our lifestyle.  These kids and young adults have no idea how lucky they are to live in a country where you are free to bitch and complain without fear of being killed over it. Personally, this is why i think the draft needs to come back.  Send each military member overseas for a 6 month tour to a hazardous pay country, just so they can see how good they have it when they come back here.


Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light…

So Colin Kaepernick’s name has been all over the news and on my facebook feed for the past few days now.  Let’s start from the beginning shall we?  Preseason game, Colin stays seated during the National Anthem.  Twitter and the media explode.

As a veteran myself, as soon as i hear it being played, i automatically want to stand up, at times even standing at attention.  Why? Because that is what was expected of me during my time in the service, as well as how I was brought up.

Being that Kaepernick is black, I’ve read and heard first hand how this is a Black Lives Matter stint and that he is playing the race card. I don’t think that is the case though.  As much as I hate BLM with a passion, I don’t believe their is a connection.  I believe that he has his values and feelings about certain shit going on in our country and this is his way of expressing them.

“He sure is oppressed making $14 million.” That’s true, but let’s think of it this way.  Let’s say you make $60 grand a year, but complain on how bad you’re being treated at work.  That would be like me saying “well you can’t be treated that bad, you’re still making $60 grand”.  Doesn’t matter how much you make, you are still allowed to complain and voice your opinion. I will say that  I wish he would take that $14 million and donate to some inner city organizations or create some scholarships just to shut people up.

I find it funny how a country that will support Hillary’s mischievous ways and Trump’s mouth, will all of a sudden lose their collective shit over someone not standing for our anthem.  A country split by red and blue, coming together to bitch about a 2nd string QB. Don’t mind the murderer’s, rapist, drug abusers, and wife (spouse) beaters that are playing on your team, let’s complain about someone sitting.

I’m no fan of Kaepernick, but what he is doing is showing why America is the land of the free. By not standing during our anthem, he is showing the world the importance of freedom and why being an American is so great.   I think people forget that we all have choices, even though it may not be a popular one.   If people would come together and complain about how terrible our schools are or how people are dying in Chicago every day, or how 22 veterans commit suicide every day, like they are Colin, then perhaps we could solve some of these more important issues.
















Suicide Squad….simple review.

Simple review for Suicide Squad. Like I told a friend of mine, I compare it to a food buffet. You want to fit a lot of food onto your plate, but most of the time the plate just isn’t big enough. Same thing here. I think they tried to cram too much into this movie. Without spoiling it, there were certain parts that just didn’t make sense or just didn’t need to happen.
I do like how they showed the back story of the characters. However, if they are going to go with stand alone films for Harley and Deadshot, do they really need to waste our time with a backstory in this one?
I couldn’t look at Killer Croc without thinking of Jamie Fox. I don’t think it was on purpose but damn he looked like him with scales.
Margot Robbie is awesome as Harley Quinn, but there are two things i would have changed. One is the HQ “accent”. I think she needed to have more of it. Two would be that damn outfit she wore. I would have liked it better had she worn the traditional comic outfit.
Jared Leto as the Joker wasn’t too bad. Just once I want to see William Dafoe play the Joke, he’d kick ass. Back to Leto. His Joker fit in perfectly with this movie. Personally I think Heath’s Joker is the best of all time, but he was also part of a great Dark Knight Trilogy. That being said, Leto’s Joker would not have worked in that one and Heath’s wouldn’t have worked in this one. Some people complained that Batman v Superman was too dark. I think this lead Warner Bro’s to re-shoot a few scenes in SS to try to add some comedy relief. With some of the one liners, you could tell it was forced.
Katana was for shit. She had about 3 lines in the entire movie and two parts with her you see in the commercial weren’t even in the movie.
I’m not a fan of Will Smith, but his take as Deadshot wasn’t too bad. Of course, being the bigger star of the group, he had most of the camera time.
My biggest character complaint had to be Enchantress. Cara Delevingne is hot, there is not doubt about that. But I would have cast Taryn Manning (Doggett, OITNB). The outfit, voice over and overall appearance of Enchantress really disappointed me.
Out of 5 stars, I’d give SS 3 1/2 stars.

Here’s an idea, lets shoot a cop to prove a point!

Do you see how fucking dumb that title sounds?  Is their police brutality?  Yes.  Are their police officer that shouldn’t be officers? Yes.  Are their police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect their community? Yes.  Are their police officers who might use judgement against one demographic vs another? Yes.  We all do, and if you say you don’t, then you’re a goddamn lair.

Here’s the issue that I’m having right now.  My father is a retired deputy, my uncles are officers, I was law enforcement in the military. So I tend to side with law enforcement when the news or public wants to blame officers for using excessive force. Just a day ago, a person named  Alton Sterling was shot by police as they held him down.  One officer screamed that he had a gun. The officer then pulled out his weapon and shot Alton.

So who was at fault?  The two officers or Alton with a gun in his pocket?  Part of me wants to say Alton because all he had to do was comply.  Now this is where some of you will say “So it’s ok to get killed when all you’re doing is selling CDs?”  No, but the officers were called to the scene because someone else felt their life was in danger. Now the other part of me says well damn, you mean to tell me two officers on top of a guy can’t get control of this situation?  Why not use a tazer, some will say.  Reports showed that a tazer was used, but ineffective.

On to Philando Castile who was shot yesterday in his car with his girlfriend and child.

If we listen to the girlfriend, I absolutely believe she is telling the truth.  Although, there is no footage of the actual shooting, when she is recounting the events that led up to the shooting, the officer does not try to challenge the statement. So who’s at fault. As I stated, I don’t know what happened prior to the video, but I have to believe the girlfriend on this one.  I think that the officer may have told the suspect to get his ID and when he did, perhaps the officer then saw the weapon on his hip (guessing that’s where the weapon was) and felt he was in danger and shot him.

This leads me to tonight and Dallas TX.  Four officers were killed  and I think it was 11 injured during a “peaceful” protest.  Having a protest about police brutality and then shooting/killing officers that are there is counterproductive. At the time of this post (11:50pm) the two suspects who did the shootings were still on the lose.  Are they black? Are they white?  Hell, are they purple?

When an officer shoots/kills someone, they are put on administrative leave.  During this time, the powers that be will look over all the evidence and make a decision on if the officer will be charged or not.  A majority of the time, the officer has two things going for him/her.  One, the union and two, the law.  Now, just as some of you asstards have posted on facebook that cops should start being killed, lets see how far that gets you. While you think killing a cop would be justified because you want to go by an eye for an eye, your dumb ass will be catching an attempted murder or murder charge. For what?  Not only have you ruined that officers family’s life, you have also ruined your own.

If you want to stop police brutality or better yet white cops shooting blacks, then why not install in children or young adults that they should become police officers when they grow up and try to help their own community?  With that being said, you and I both know that will not stop the problem today. Are all cops bad? Of course not.  Just as all blacks aren’t criminals. All whites aren’t racist. And all hispanics aren’t illegal.

There is a saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”.  Or in this case, the pen is mightier than the gun. Peacefully protest protest protest…until you are blue in the face if need be. A million voices together will ring out louder than a gunshot.   Killing a police officer will not bring back these two gentleman nor will it bring back anyone killed by police brutality. People have to start using their head instead of hiding behind a bullet…and that works both ways.